Detail-Oriented Plant Maintenance Services for House & Office Plants

Ensure that your interior space is a relaxing, tranquil place for you and your visitors with plant maintenance services for house or office plants from Atlanta TROPICALS in Decatur, Georgia. Whether you desire to transform a waiting room or your personal living space, trust us to keep your plants looking their best.

Guaranteed Maintenance


Create a calming oasis in the middle of a bustling workplace. Our company is dedicated to serving you with the highest quality of plant maintenance service. We offer this guaranteed service according to easy terms that provide the most flexibility possible to our customers. Speak with us today to learn more.

Our professional horticulturalists work hard to ensure your plants stay healthy and thrive. They utilize the latest techniques, including pruning, fertilizing, and soil testing, and view your plants as an asset entrusted to our care.

Providing fantastic, personalized service, we treat your plants, your property, and especially you with respect. We always adhere to a dress code and seek to meet and exceed your expectations. Turn to us when you need a dependable company that offers service with a personal touch.

Industry-Recognized Service


Find examples of our work as you travel throughout the Atlanta area. Various companies and clients have benefited from our interior landscaping management work, and we hope to soon share our services with you. Our valuable customers include the following businesses:

• Real Estate Offices
• Law Offices
• Car Dealerships

• Medical Offices
• Local Government Offices
• Restaurants


Free Replacements

We have access to large, local inventories of fresh and vibrant plants. When plants die and affect your overall display, we promptly offer and integrate free replacements for your interior landscape.

To learn about our courteous plant maintenance services for your office or house plants, contact us