Eye-Catching Low-Light Plants & Decorative Planters

Discover which plants thrive in your interior landscape, from low-light plants to flowering foliage, when you work with Atlanta TROPICALS in Decatur, Georgia. We also provide decorative planters to house your plants.


Select the right plants for your home or business interior with our assistance. An experienced representative gladly helps you determine which plants from our vast inventory accommodate your specifications.

Whether due to space or lighting conditions, certain plants may flourish more in your environment than others. We provide you with the information you need to you take advantage of the many possibilities for adding greenery at your location.

When your lighting is limited, we have the plants for you. Low-light plants require 50 to 100 foot-candles of light, while medium-light plants need sunlight at between 101 and 250 foot-candles.

High-Light Plants

Requiring 250 or more foot-candles of sunlight, these plants are some of the most beautiful specimens available. Our experts are specially trained to provide these types of plants the special care they need.

We offer a color rotation program with our high-light flowering plants. With this program, you keep your facility stocked with attractive flowering foliage year-round. These services include a regular rotation of bromeliads, as well as the inclusion of seasonal foliage such as poinsettias.

Decorative Containers

Exhibit your plants with pride in your office, restaurant, or medical facility with our displays and planters. We always carry the latest plant containers in a range of colors and styles.

Enhance your display and choose the container that appeals to you. From popular 2008 and 2009 containers to a more current selection, we offer an extensive selection sure to have a container fulfilling your requirements.

For a product that makes an impression, choose from our premium ceramic containers the fitting home for your plants. We also offer containers from brands such as Duracast™ and Vista™.

Planters - Decorative Planters

Find out about our charming low-light plants and decorative planters by contacting us in Decatur, Georgia.