About Our Company

Over the years, we developed increasingly efficient work methods. We combine these methods with quantity purchasing to offer our services at highly competitive prices.

Atlanta TROPICALS seeks to make our services affordable for most budgets. We even offer leasing as well as purchasing options for your convenience. Speak with us today to find out why our clients say we offer the best overall value in town.

The Benefits of Maintaining Plants

Enhance your image. Indoor greenery makes a positive statement about your business to both clients and employees. As a connection to the natural world, plants are a vital element of design in the modern workplace.

Boost employee productivity and retention. Along with softening the edges of a business environment, plants also increase job satisfaction by creating a more comfortable environment.

Achieve a healthier work environment. Living plants remove pollutants from the air, assisting in preventing sickness from spreading. Plants also promote mental and physical health, thereby reducing sick days.

Learn more about our advantageous indoor plants and landscaping services when you contact us in Decatur, Georgia.